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Constitutional Conservatives for a Stronger Texas (CCST), based in Collin County, was founded to educate the electorate of the reasons to vote for a candidate and what our representatives are bound to do by their oath of office.

CollinCountyFactCheck.com is a service provided by CCST and can be found on the web at StrongerTexas.org.

For too long now, through several Presidencies; our elected officials have shown an outright contempt for their sworn oath to uphold the Constitution. As voters, the only way for us to demand that they comply with their Oath is to know what that oath is, and understand what it requires of them. The byproduct of this ongoing abuse, has been a gradual fleecing of the voters God-given rights by government; which are unalienable. These rights were not given by government, and cannot be taken away by government.

So the question is; How do we restore a Constitutionally sound government as interpreted through our Founding documents by the Founders of our great Republic?

Constitutional Conservatives for a Stronger Texas believes by understanding the concepts set forth in our State and Nation’s Founding documents and demanding the same from our elected officials, we the people will protect our personal liberties,¬†¬†state’s rights and ensure our government works as it was intended to.

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